Aaron Wilkinson

Melodic acoustic with soaring vocals

There comes once in a while that very rarest of things, a moment in your life when you realize that someone has said for you all that you wanted to say. You think in that moment that you yourself had you been just slightly more eloquent, more musical, more talented, may have scraped at this surface of meaning in your own time. The importance of the work of Aaron Wilkinson lies in his keen ability to offer us such moments. So deep is his understanding of the everyday complexities of human existence, that we cannot but help being seduced by his words and music as if they were our own. Wilkinson constructs carefully for his audience a multiplicity of transitory yet wholly tangible spaces, in which we may imagine our own desires fulfilled and our own disappointments acknowledged.

Heavily influenced by the great tradition of Irish writers and musicians from which he emerges, Wilkinson’s poignant lyrical intensity is equaled only in the unwavering sensitivity of his truly original melodic forms. His powerful voice soars as he delivers to us snapshots of a reality which we need no longer seek to escape.

Wilkinson has already captivated both audiences in his native Ireland and here in Canada with his soulful renditions of a group of songs, which offer to us something we have hitherto not experienced. Beginning his song writing career in Dublin at the tender age of seventeen, Wilkinson has subsequently appeared internationally both as a solo artist and alongside his father Broadway legend Colm Wilkinson.

Wilkinson has been the recipient of many awards including the Louis Mac Niece and has been heralded by both Irish and Canadian critics as a new vibrant talent which will shock you out of your complacency.

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    Pill 3:52
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    Exile 4:19
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    Liar 3:32